The Strategy Part

In many ways, strategy is about how you use your time. It consists of the thoughts you form, the objectives you set, and the courses of action you decide to take to achieve your objectives.

Sometimes it is not easy to determine the best course of action to take. We often need the kind of help that involves others who will share their thoughts and experiences. Interacting with others in this way is what is called shura or consultation.

Shura is one of the guiding principles that Allah has given humanity to use to conduct our affairs. To use it effectively, we must be willing to exchange ideas in ways that allow the best ones to emerge. Once the best course of action is identified, the challenge becomes how to implement it.

When implementation calls for the participation of more than one person, coordination of their efforts is a must. Here is where the use of a timekeeping system is essential. What better choice can we make other than the Islamic timekeeping system?

Allah has revealed: Take counsel with them in all matters of public concern; then, when you have decided on a course of action, place your trust in Allah — for Allah loves those who place their trust in Him. (Qur’an 3:159)

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