The Time Part

This tool is designed for persons who want to integrate the Islamic timekeeping system into their daily affairs. We emphasize the use of the word "system" because Islamic timekeeping goes way beyond reminding ourselves of important dates and appointments.

It is a system uniquely created by Allah that divides time into periods of days, weeks, months, and years that are defined by Him. The harmonious movement of the earth, sun, and moon through space help us understand that the notion of time is not linear or cyclic, but rhythmic.

The movement of time brings and takes away memories at a measured pace that is special for each individual. This movement provides evidence that everything and everyone is going somewhere, and that somewhere is to Allah who set us into motion in the first place.

Not only does time move, but also it moves according to a well defined shape. For example, the number of days in a month varies from month to month and from year to year. This variation itself moves through the seasons with the result that no month stays fixed relative to a season.

These observations are but a small sample of some of the attributes of Islamic timekeeping. Free of any references to false gods and pagan worship, the use of this system helps us orient our lives in the service of Allah the creator and sustainer of all the worlds.

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